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Permit required for all construction projects near high-pressure pipelines

The Swiss Federal Pipelines Act and its associated regulations stipulate that third-party building projects which may endanger a pipeline require authorisation from the relevant supervisory authority (Swiss Federal Pipelines Inspectorate). This applies to all construction projects which are at a distance of less than 10 m to the right or left of high-pressure pipelines. Providers or pipeline operators must submit permit applications for building projects which may endanger a pipeline to the Swiss Federal Pipelines Inspectorate for approval. Two to four weeks are required for processing applications, depending on each particular case.

If you have any questions on the precautionary measures which need to be met when working on gas-conducting pipelines and installations please contact us.

Key information in brief
  • Construction work near to pipeline installations require authorisation by the Swiss Federal Pipelines Inspectorate.
  • Planning permission from canton or municipal authorities is not sufficient.
  • Erdgas Ostschweiz AG asks the canton or municipality to provide applicants with relevant information.
  • Precise adherence to this procedure ensures that risk of accidents is reduced.
Contact for works management enquiries / construction Projects

Please send your works management enquiries to: